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Speaking Engagements

Need an energetic speaker for your next All Hands meeting or Lunch and Learn? Dr. Garner will engage your audience and get them talking about soft skills. Common topics:

  • How to Be Persuasive

  • Understanding Communication Styles

  • Email Etiquette

  • The Importance of Soft Skills

  • Intercultural Communication

Soft Skills 101


Soft Skills 101 is my flagship course. Convenient for employees and cost effective, this course is designed to improve employees awareness of soft skills and communication and help them target opportunities for improvement. Can be purchased individually or at a group rate. This course is ideal for: 

  • Busy professionals

  • Industries with high turnover

  • Employees straight out of school 

Facilitated Workshops


Having trouble with a difficult employee? Workshops are a great way to create group learning in a non-threatening way. Through group discussion and activities, employees practice new skills and build company culture. Common topics: 

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Listening

  • Delivering Negative News