Soft Skills Courses

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Soft Skills 101



A foundational course for developing good social and  communication skills. Hard skills are unquestionably a barrier to entry for many fields, but research shows that soft skills are what differentiate employees once they are in a company. This course will build your awareness of soft skills and target opportunities for growth. 13 video lectures, 1 hr total.  

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Presentation Skills

5 Essential Lessons on how to be persuasive and effectively deliver presentations. Learn basic and advanced strategies regarding presentations, argument structure, and using evidence to persuade specific audiences.

The free course offers 3 videos. The premium course contains 5 videos, and more importantly, students get to submit a self-recorded presentation for customized feedback on your presentation style.

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"Emerging Leadership" is a great crash course for anyone moving into a leadership role. 11 video lessons on how to be a leader and not just a manager at work. Lessons include: Soft skills, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Delivering Feedback, Listening, Teamwork, Conflict, Communication Styles, and more. 

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Writing Essentials

5 Essential Lessons on how to write more effectively at work. Modules include: 

  • Writing Best Practices

  • Writing Tips

  • Email Basics

  • Email Etiquette

  • Audiences and Channels

The free writing course offers 3 videos. The premium writing 

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New Hires

Ideal for helping new employees thrive in their first year. 7 Lessons:

  • Rookie Mistakes

  • Qualities Employers Want 

  • Professionalism

  • Receiving Feedback 

  • Communication

  • Email Etiquette

  • Social Media

Want to put your own spin on the onboarding process? We can produce customized video content for you.

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Premium Course


Six dynamic video lessons on how to navigate working on a team at work. Modules include:

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership

  • Diversity

  • Intercultural Communication

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About the professor

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Benjamin Garner


I teach communication, soft skills, and professionalism at the University of North Georgia. I've taught at the University level for 10+ years. I've published papers on teaching, communication, marketing, and soft skills. My documentary films have been screened at film festivals and on Georgia PBS. 

Who will


New hires

Great for new-hire onboarding. You've worked hard to make your business thrive. Make sure your new employees keep it that way. 

Emerging leaders

You've identified some employees for leadership positions. But they don't have much management experience. They need a crash course in leading people. 

Mid-career professionals

Everyone needs a refresher on good communication and soft skills. Maybe you have someone who's a bit difficult to work with, or perhaps some of your employees haven't been to school for a while. They need some new ideas.